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Fixed Gas Detection System Tutorial 101 – Lessons from the field

Fixed gas detection in chemical storage and distribution facility
Fixed gas detection system tutorial 101 – Lessons from the field.

This fixed gas detection system tutorial is designed to help you prevent the issues we commonly find in the field and keep your people safe.

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Acrulog gas data loggers: Measuring your odour emissions

Acrulog NZ Gas Data-Logger Service & Repair

We’re pleased to introduce the environmental monitoring range of Acrulog gas data loggers for use where odour monitoring is important.

Specifically, the monitoring of hydrogen sulphide odour, which is (at best) a nuisance and (at worst) very hazardous.

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Explosive liquor & more case studies in fixed gas detection

Fixed gas detection helps prevent explosions like this
Fixed gas detection systems help prevent explosions like this.

We have more industrial sites than ever asking us to help them manage gas risks with our range of fixed gas detection systems and products.

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Connected Worker Safety: Evolution or Revolution?

Cloud connectivity helps ensure connected worker safety
Cloud connectivity helps ensure connected worker safety.

We launched connected worker safety technology in 2017. Recently we deployed hi-tech systems in a fuel terminal & geothermal power station…

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New fixed-point gas detection offerings

Fixed gas detection in refrigerated coldstore

What do chemical storage depots and food coolstores have in common? Both are safer thanks to Entec’s fixed-point gas detection expertise.

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Confined Space Training: Managing Gas Hazards Webinar

Confined space training webinar

A confined space entry can turn deadly in seconds. Learn best practices for monitoring gas hazards in our confined space training webinar.

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4-Year Warranty on a 4-Gas Detector? You Bet!

Ventis MX4 4-gas Gas Detector in Safety Orange

Ventis MX4 is a 4-gas detector with such legendary ruggedness and dependability that it now comes with a standard extended 4-year warranty!

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New fixed-point gas detector technology… at an entry-level price

New fixed-point gas detector technology... at an entry-level price

Entec adds a new suite of fixed-point gas detector products to its stable of proven gas detection equipment from some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

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Gas Detector Price: How to Be Safe & Compliant on a Budget

Ventis Pro multi-gas portable gas detector

Looking for gas detector price options that won’t blow the budget? We have products that can identify and manage gas risks at very cost-effective prices.

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Uniphos Gas Detection Tubes Now Available from Entec

Uniphos gas detection tubes

We’re delighted to launch a new product in New Zealand to help you keep your workplace safe and compliant… gas detection tubes from Uniphos.

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