Portable Gas Detector Kits

These portable gas detector/gas monitor kits package together all the items you need for a self-contained portable gas detection solution.

Confined space signPortable gas detector kit

To simplify the ordering and safe use of portable gas detectors to monitor confined spaces, Entec offers Portable Gas Detector Kits. These kits package together all the items required to use a portable gas detector safely and reliably.

The kits come in rugged carry-cases that are easily shipped around the country as required. The standard kit is suitable for applications where the gas detector needs to sample its immediate environment. The confined space kit is for use when remote sampling is required.

It is important to test the air inside confined spaces for oxygen as well as toxic and flammable gases prior to entry. Confined space gas detector kits use a remote sampling pump to pull a gas sample into the monitor for assessment. This is standard practice before entering any confined space.

Confined spaces are deadly spaces

Worksafe New Zealand defines a confined space as “any area that is not intended for human occupancy and that also has the potential for containing a dangerous atmosphere”.

Examples of places where a confined space gas detector should be used

Confined spaces are large enough for a worker to enter and perform assigned work but have limited or restricted entry and exit and, amongst other things, may contain a hazardous atmosphere arising from chemicals, sludge or sewage.

  • Hazardous gases that displace breathable air, e.g. carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, oxygen deficiency, etc.
  • Toxic gases that are flammable and/or explosive, e.g. oxygen concentration, benzene, solvents, etc.

To comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) and most importantly to protect workers against man-down incidents, you must evaluate confined spaces before entry. All confined spaces where flammable gases, toxic vapours and abnormal oxygen content are possible should be tested before entry.

Confined space monitoring
Remote sampling the atmosphere within a confined space prior to entry.

Bump testing

For best practice, you must bump-test your portable gas detectors prior to each use and calibrate them monthly. Our Portable Gas Detector Kits contain all the components required for bump-testing and calibration.

Note, the kits allow you to carry out a manual calibration of your portable gas detector. This differs to calibrations performed with Industrial Scientific docking stations or in Entec’s service department, in which we generate a calibration record. In the case of a calibration carried out by Entec, we also generate a Calibration Certificate to preserve a paper trail.


Each Portable Gas Detector Kit contains the following components;

  • Ventis MX4 portable gas detector (Diffusion model within the standard kit, and Pumped (aspirated) model within the confined space kit)
  • Gas sampling hose (confined space kit only)
  • Battery charger
  • Calibration gas bottle
  • Regulator and tubing
  • Calibration fitting
  • Carry-case

Confined space gas detector kit


Entec’s Portable Gas Detector Kits suit applications such as…

  • Field service or construction workers who operate away from support infrastructure such as docking stations.
  • Service technicians operating around gas pipelines or gas appliances.
  • Maintenance crews operating in trenches, pipelines, culverts, tanks and vessels.
  • Operators who despatch shared equipment to remote staff from time to time.


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