• New Zealand’s Gas Detection Specialists s00
  • Gas detection for government s01
  • Gas detection for engineering heavy manufacturing s02
  • Gas detection for fishing s03
  • Gas detection for food beverage s04
  • Gas detection for mining s05
  • Gas detection for oil gas petrochemical s06
  • Gas detection for power stations s07

Fixed Gas Detector Systems

Cradle-to-grave sales & support for fixed gas detector systems from leading manufacturers Honeywell, MSA/General Monitors, Scott Safety (Oldham, Detcon).

We represent world-leading manufacturers to provide high quality fixed gas detector systems for every application. Entec works with Honeywell Analytics, MSA/General Monitors, and Scott Safety (Oldham and Detcon).

Entec’s broader instrumentation and electrical operations, and our experience in the Taranaki oil & gas industry, sets us apart from retail-oriented and other less-experienced suppliers. We are unique in our ability to offer cradle-to-grave support for fixed gas detection projects. These cover…

  • Specification and supply of fixed gas detector systems
  • Installation and commissioning of fixed gas detector systems
  • Life-cycle field service of fixed gas detector systems

Fixed Gas Detector Range

Our fixed gas detector range can be depicted as a pyramid…

Fixed Gas Detectors Pyramid


  • Exploration and production drilling rigs
  • Oil & gas production stations
  • Onshore oil & gas terminals
  • Refineries and chemical plants
  • Dairy factories
  • Pulp & paper mills
  • Power stations
  • Waste water facilities and Landfills
  • Utilities
  • Laboratories
  • Refrigeration and HVAC
  • Car parks and garages
  • Domestic services (CO, Natural gas, LPG)


  • Point infrared (IR) for hydrocarbons.
  • Open path IR for hydrocarbons.
  • Catalytic sensors for LEL, H2 and high temperature.
  • Electro-chemical, Semi-conductor, Photoionization (PID), Tuneable Laser Diode (TLD) & Chemcassette for toxic gases.
  • Ultrasonic sensors for gas releases.
  • Field mounted transmitter and control platforms.
  • Interface with DCS, PLC, BMS etc, 4–20mA, Relay, Hart, Modbus, Field Bus, Wireless, Bac Net.

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