Gas Detection Applications

Gas detection applications by industry grouping. Learn about Industrial Scientific specialised gas detection applications for these industries…

Gas Detection Applications…

We have profiled 7 gas detection applications. But as you may already know, there are variants on these 7, plus many more applications.

All 7 applications listed have different needs to each other – no two are the same. However, there is some crossover.

If you fall outside of these listed applications, please contact us. We’ll evaluate your gas detection requirements and provide a solution for your industry and your particular situation.

We are strongly represented in the oil and gas industry sector because of our service and our products. An example of our exceptionally high service levels is that 90% of instruments sent in to us for calibration are cycled through the calibration room the day they arrive.

We have a number of contracts that stipulate calibration and repair turnaround times. We continually meet these timeframes and invariably our clients are so happy with our service that they roll the contracts over at their conclusion. Our gas detection products have proven to be easy to use and durable.