Gas Data Loggers

Acrulog™ specialises in portable wireless environmental gas data loggers that are built for environmental monitoring in harsh environments.

Gas data loggers for wastewater treatment plants and more

Acrulog gas data loggers are designed to be simple and compact, and are built for environmental monitoring in harsh environments.

Acrulog’s aim is to make gas detection easier and more affordable by providing accurate results at the touch of a button.

Their team includes engineers and designers with 60+ years of experience in the gas industry. Their expertise is in the manufacturing, designing and servicing of gas data loggers and related instruments.

Acrulog invests heavily into R&D development as part of their drive for continuous improvement.

Gas Data Logger Products

Acrulog H2S PPM Gas Data-Logger


The Acrulog™ H2S Gas Monitor (PPM) is a portable gas data-logger, designed to survive in the harsh environments typically found within the waste water industry.

All logged data can then be easily downloaded from the gas data logger via Bluetooth wireless technology.

Acrulog H2S PPB Gas Data-Logger


The Acrulog™ H2S Parts Per Billion Monitor (PPB) is a portable gas data-logger designed for indoor and outdoor environmental applications.

The gas data-logger records low levels (0-2000PPB) of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), at sampling intervals of between 10 minutes and 1 hour.

Acrulog Differential Pressure Gas Data-Logger


The Acrulog™ Differential Pressure Logger is a simple and compact pressure gas data logger for harsh environmental monitoring.

The Acrulog™ differential pressure gas data-logger has been specifically designed to work in harsh environments to log levels of differential pressure in sewerage systems and scrubbers systems.

Acrulog Continuous Emissions Monitor (CEM) Gas Data-Logger


The Acrulog CEM is a continuous emissions monitoring modular system. This product can house a variety of gas data-loggers from the Acrulog range.

The product is available in either one, two or three-point systems and is robust and hard-wearing. Enhanced temperature controlled systems are available with programmable temperature module and insulated chamber.

Gas Data Logger Service & Repair

Acrulog NZ Gas Data-Logger Service & Repair

Like all instrumentation products, Acrulog gas data-loggers benefit from regular servicing and calibrations. If required, we can rent replacement units to cover field demand while units are being serviced.

For a quote or to find out more about Acrulog gas data-loggers, give us a call…