MK8 Pellistor Gas Detector: Revolutionising Flammable Gas Detection

MK8 Pellistor Gas Detector: Revolutionising Flammable Gas Detection
MK8 Pellistor Gas Detector: Revolutionising Flammable Gas Detection.

Introducing IGD’s MK8 pellistor gas detector, a groundbreaking innovation that sets a new benchmark in flammable gas detection. Here’s why…

Introducing the Revolutionary IGD MK8 Pellistor Gas Detector

Entec is proud to introduce you to International Gas Detectors‘ (IGD) MK8 pellistor gas detector, a groundbreaking innovation that sets a new benchmark in flammable gas detection.

A pellistor is a solid-state device used to detect gases which are either combustible or which have a significant difference in thermal conductivity to that of air. The word “pellistor” is a combination of pellet and resistor.

Revolutionising Flammable Gas Detection with Unparalleled Precision

Combining over 65 years of pellistor engineering expertise with unparalleled reliability and proven performance, IGD’s MK8 delivers the world’s most accurate and poison-resistant pellistor-based gas detection system.

This extraordinary advancement in pellistor gas detector design showcases IGD’s unwavering commitment to innovation and technical excellence. Read on to explore how the MK8 is reshaping the landscape of flammable gas detection.

Unmatched Resistance to Poisoning and Inhibition

Pellistor-based sensors employ a heated catalyst to combust flammable gases, with the resulting temperature change directly correlating to gas concentration.

However, any device utilising catalysts is susceptible to “poisoning,” a phenomenon where certain chemicals and compounds react with the catalyst’s surface, diminishing its response to the intended target gas.

These chemicals fall into two categories…

  • Irreversible poisoning agents,
  • Recoverable inhibitors.

Organic silicon compounds are typical examples of poisoning agents, while halogen-containing hydrocarbons or sulphur-containing compounds are common inhibitors.

A poorly designed catalyst structure can experience a response loss of over 90% within minutes when exposed to a standard 10ppm poisoning agent (HMDSO) used in testing.

In contrast, inhibitors with reversible effects, such as halogen-containing hydrocarbons or sulphur-containing compounds, can reduce the catalyst’s response temporarily.

MK3 Dethroned by MK8 Pellistor Gas Detector

For many years, IGD’s MK3 pellistor was the industry leader in flammable gas detection. Developed in the early 1980s, the MK3 gained widespread recognition for its exceptional performance and reliability under the most challenging conditions.

Yet, despite its remarkable capabilities, the IGD MK3 is no longer the reigning world champion because it has been surpassed by the extraordinary new MK8 pellistor gas detector.

The MK8 pellistor gas detector exhibits unparalleled resistance to standard poisoning agents. The graph below showcases the results from a rigorous poisoning test.

In this test, the MK8 was compared against the older MK3 pellistor gas detector and the closest competitor’s pellistor. While industry standard tests utilise a 10ppm poisoning agent for 40 minutes, IGD’s stringent test employs 100ppm for the same duration to simulate real-world conditions.

As illustrated in the graph, the MK8 outperforms both IGD’s MK3 detector and the closest competitor’s model, maintaining reliable response to flammable gas in the presence of a poisoning agent. This achievement unequivocally establishes a new standard for flammable gas detection.

MK8 pellistor gas detector performance graph.
Pellistor poisoning test results demonstrating the MK8 pellistor gas detector’s response to flammable gas over 40 minutes of exposure at 10 times the industry standard concentration of poisoning agent.

Extended Lifespan and Reduced Ownership Costs

Conventional pellistor gas detectors in the industry typically offer an operational lifetime of 2-4 years, which incurs ongoing ownership costs for clients. However, IGD’s revolutionary MK8 flammable gas detector shatters these limitations and establishes a new industry standard for pellistor gas detector lifespans, resulting in reduced ownership costs.

The MK8 boasts the industry’s longest operational service life of 5 years and beyond.

Furthermore, the pellistor component itself features a plug-and-replace design. Now, there’s no need to replace the entire stainless steel detector head and electronics. Simply insert a new sensor cartridge, calibrate, and you’re up and running again.

The Ultimate Solution for Hydrogen Gas Detection

In addition to its relevance as an industrial gas, hydrogen is emerging as a crucial green fuel. With the introduction of the MK8 pellistor gas detector, we have further enhanced safety, particularly within the hydrogen economy.

This cutting-edge detector provides clients with industry-leading accuracy in flammable gas detection and is specifically designed to withstand harsh conditions. It offers the ultimate solution for detecting hydrogen gas, combining cost-effectiveness, long life, and unwavering reliability.

The MK8 is available in the TOC-750X ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 and 2 environments with an IP68 rating, the 750S sampler, the 750 Safe area gas detector, and IGD’s latest 903-X5 dual sensor gas detector.

Hydrogen storage tanks at a hydrogen fuel production facility.
Hydrogen storage tanks at a hydrogen fuel production facility.

Setting a New Benchmark for Flammable Gas Detection

The MK8 Pellistor gas detector is packed with features that address the challenges faced by the industry with pellistor-type gas detectors. With extreme resistance to poisoning agents and long-term stability that ensures less than 2% LEL drift per year, the MK8 sets a new standard for accuracy in gas detection. Its resistance to shock and vibration exceeds the requirements of BS EN 60079-29-1, making it applicable in nearly any environment.

Additionally, it only responds to flammable gases, reducing cross-interference and providing more precise readings. The MK8 operates over a wide temperature range and remains unaffected by humidity, ensuring high-quality flammable gas detection in continuously changing environments. It also offers calibrations for the widest range of flammable gases available on the market. 

Key Features of the IGD MK8 Pellistor Gas Detector…

  1. Extreme poison resistance exceeding international standards such as IEC EN 50194 and BS EN 60079-29-1, ensuring a high-quality and reliable gas detector with extended lifespan.
  2. Long-term stability with less than 2% LEL drift per year, guaranteeing superior accuracy compared to the market standard.
  3. Resistant to shock and vibration, surpassing the requirements of BS EN 60079-29-1, making it suitable for diverse environments.
  4. Exclusive response to flammable gases, minimising cross-interference for precise readings.
  5. Operational across a wide temperature range and unaffected by humidity, enabling reliable detection in dynamic environments.
  6. Calibrations available for the largest range of flammable gases on the market.
  7. Longest operational life in the industry.
  8. True digital, addressable communication utilising IGD’s Sentinel+ communication technology in the 750 series gas detectors and the 903-X5, facilitating gas detection over distances of up to 1km and reducing system installation costs by 70%.
IGD TOC-750XD featuring the groundbreaking MK8 Pellistor gas detector for advanced flammable gas detection.
IGD TOC-750XD featuring the groundbreaking MK8 Pellistor gas detector for advanced flammable gas detection.

750 Series Gas Detectors

The MK8 Pellistor is compatible with any IGD 750 series gas detectors and the new 903-X5.

The 750 safe area gas detector is the ideal device for non-ATEX rated areas. Its robust ABS design offers exceptional chemical resistance, and the unique labyrinth sensor design prevents sensor contamination, making it suitable for various applications.

The easy auto changeover sensor fronts enable seamless sensor replacement, reducing worker downtime.

TOC-750 safe area addressable gas detector.
TOC-750 safe area addressable gas detector.

The 750X gas detector is designed for zones 1 and 2, as well as zones 21 and 22 dust environments, with weather and explosion-proof ratings. This makes it ideal for reliable gas detection in turbulent and hazardous environments.

The 750X is available with or without a display, providing maximum flexibility for your system.

The 750XD model, equipped with a non-intrusive display, allows for safe and easy detection in ATEX rated areas without a hot works permit.

The 750S aspirated gas detector is perfect for inaccessible areas, clean rooms, and locations with height restrictions. It offers a solution for detecting gas in challenging spaces by utilising bore holes fitted into walls outside the target area, with pipes for effective sampling.

The 750S incorporates IGD’s patented piezo pump technology, which has minimal moving parts, making it easy to clean and virtually silent during operation without compromising performance.

903-X5 Gas Detector

The innovative 903-X5 gas detector stands out as the most versatile option on the market, featuring dual detector capability for simultaneous detection of multiple gases at a single point.

Similar to the 750X, the 903-X5 incorporates a non-intrusive calibration feature that utilises IGD’s magnetic wand technology. Furthermore, the 903-X5 boasts a 5-port housing, allowing for seamless integration into an addressable or analogue system, or it can be used as a standalone device.

TOC-903-X5 dual sensor gas transmitter.
TOC-903-X5 dual sensor gas transmitter.

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