Gas Detectors NZ –
All leading brands. ISC official distributor.

We protect life in toxic & hazardous places. Sales & service of leading portable gas detectors, fixed gas detection systems, and flame detection equipment.

Gas Detectors NZ, a division of Entec represents some of the world’s leading brands of portable gas detectors, fixed gas detection systems, and flame detection equipment.

Our point of difference is our in-house capability to specify, select, supply, install, commission and maintain your gas detection equipment.

Entec’s gas detection team represents more than 50 years of personal experience in this specialist field. We can answer your technical questions and provide solutions to your specific requirements.

And we back up this technical advice with experienced LOCAL service technicians. As a case in point, our technical experts service all leading brands right here in New Zealand. And to illustrate our expertise, we are New Zealand’s only authorised service centre of Industrial Scientific.

That means gas detectors don’t need to leave our shores to be serviced, which reduces time and saves you money.

Many other brands have to go to Australia – and you probably won’t see them for 3 to 5 weeks. Which means you have to buy more units than you need just to cover the shortage. Customers of those other companies find they must buy extra gas detectors to provide cover when units are away for service.

One company calculated this ‘overage’ requirement at 38%, i.e. they had to buy 18 gas detectors to ensure they always had the 13 they needed in service at any one time. They changed to us and only had to buy 13. Think of the money you could save.

If you need gas detectors or advice, here’s what to do…

People deserve the best possible protection against gas leaks

We feel a strong moral obligation to provide the best products and services – especially when lives are at stake. But we’d still hold that value even if lives weren’t at stake, simply because that’s the way we’re wired.

Want peace of mind that your employees will be safe at work and see their families every night? You’ll get that with Industrial Scientific portable gas detectors.

“My customers take me fishing! They wouldn’t do that if they didn’t believe in the product and trust it. You’ve got to be able to face your customers and be highly confident in what you’re providing them.”
– John Langslow, Entec gas detection manager

Everyone has a product to sell, but how good is it – and do they genuinely care?

Our business model is quite simple…

  • Only sell products we believe in – act with integrity.
  • Make them cost-effective.
  • Provide the right training.
  • Give great support – be there when needed.
  • Provide efficient servicing – take the “grrr” out of servicing.

Our customers…

Our clients are very diverse – from Government departments and local government, power stations and mining right through to the food & beverage industry, fishing, petrochemical, plus engineering and heavy manufacturing. And of course the oil & gas industry.

Entec is the dominant market leader in the Taranaki oil & gas industry where, for obvious reasons, gas detectors are vital equipment. It’s a tough environment, especially offshore, but they know they’re in safe hands with us.

Find a gas detection solution that meets your needs…

Each application has its own set of fire, gas and safety hazards, which can vary not only from facility to facility, but also between areas within the same facility. We consult with you to identify your specific needs. Then we recommend the most appropriate system and ensure professional installation and ongoing operation.

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6 compelling reasons to choose us…

  1. Complete range. From low-cost “compliance portable gas detectors” costing less than $500 right up to exotic portable equipment using PID sensors (photo ionisation detectors) to detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as methyl bromide, benzene, turpentine vapour, etc, and infrared sensors to detect gasses such as CO2 and methane, for up to $4,000. And a range of fixed gas detection equipment from leading manufacturers to suit every conceivable application.
  2. Rock solid company. Entec is a company of substance with 60+ employees and a history of over 30 years. Our gas detection team members have over 50 years of practical experience, so we know our stuff!
  3. Authorised service centre. We can do anything on an Industrial Scientific gas detector that the manufacturer can do in America. Gas detectors don’t need to leave our shores to be serviced, which reduces time and saves you money. Quick turnaround and low downtime is vital when your equipment needs servicing. Many other brands have to go to Australia – and you probably won’t see them for 3 to 5 weeks.
  4. Reliability. Industrial Scientific portable gas detectors are inexpensive to keep in the field. For example, one customer enquired about 18 units. They actually only needed 13 and thought they needed the other 5 to provide cover for when gas detectors were sent in for repair. That’s what they’d been conditioned to expect with the previous supplier and brand of gas detectors they’d been using. We sold them just the 13 they needed and they’ve been a happy customer for over 12 years now. They’re currently on their second generation of instruments and soon to update to their third. Thanks to the gas detectors’ reliability and our quality of service, they will not be going to market.
  5. Degrees of management systems. Our online management tool can track the use of portable gas detectors in the field. It can even alert your supervisor to gas detectors being turned off while in an alarm condition. Industrial Scientific is the only company able to offer that. Industrial Scientific is the world leader in gas detector docking stations and is typically about 3 years ahead of anyone else. Other companies initially laughed but now they’ve all introduced them. The big benefit is that you get instant reporting so your supervisors quickly become aware of any issues with the way gas detectors are being used.
  6. Flexible purchase options. We sell, lease, hire and service so one of these options is bound to suit you best. We can offer you a serviced lease or a non-serviced lease. With a serviced lease, known services are built into the lease, meaning you KNOW what your costs are going to be over the period.

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