Gas Detector Calibration, Repair & Service

Don’t buy more detectors to cover you while units are in Oz for service. Less downtime with our gas detector calibration, repair & service right here in NZ.

Long-term Service for Fixed Gas Detection Systems

The reliability and accuracy of any fixed gas detection system depends on it being regularly checked, calibrated and serviced to ensure it continues to operate to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Entec’s service technicians operate nationwide to carry out new installations, preventative maintenance and repair work on a range of gas detection equipment and systems, both fixed and portable.

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Portable Gas Detector Calibration, Repair & Service

NZ’s only authorised service centre

We are New Zealand’s only authorised service centre for Industrial Scientific gas detectors. We can do anything on a gas detector that Industrial Scientific can do in America.

Quick turnaround & low downtime

Gas detectors don’t need to leave our shores to be serviced, which reduces time and saves you money. Many other brands have to go to Australia – and you probably won’t see them for 3-5 weeks.

Customers of those brands find they must buy extra gas detectors to provide cover when units are away for service. One company calculated this ‘overage’ requirement at 38%, i.e. they had to buy 18 gas detectors to ensure they always had the 13 they needed in service at any one time. They changed to us and only had to buy 13 gas detectors. Think of the money you could save.

No compromise on care

We recognise that your gas detectors are lifesaving devices and therefore need to spend the absolute minimum time at our facility. However, while they are here with us we make sure we give them the best possible attention. It’s our job to ensure you have absolute confidence in the integrity of your gas detector.

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