Simplify Gas Detection With All-in-One Kits

Here’s how to simplify your workplace gas detection practices with Entec’s new Ventis MX4 portable gas detector all-in-one kits…

Portable gas detectors are designed to be reliable and rugged, and of course they are designed to keep people safe from flammable or toxic gas hazards.

They do, however, require a bit of organisation in order to ensure they operate correctly when needed “in the moment”.

The challenges include… 

  • Gas detectors should be bump-tested prior to each use. It’s a very straightforward process, but how do you make sure the bump-test kit is available when required?
  • When gas detectors are shared across a team or around different sites, how do you ensure all the accessories are available and kept track of? The battery charger and bump-test gear needs to be kept with the gas detector.
  • Or how do you stop the bits and pieces from rolling around in the back of a vehicle and getting lost or damaged?

All-in-one kits

The answer to simplifying your gas detection practices is to use one of Entec’s all-in-one portable gas detector kits. They come in a hard-shell, lightweight case suitable for shipping by courier, and keep all the accessories in one handy location.

Entec’s portable gas detector kits come in two types; “standard” and “confined space”. The only difference is that the confined space kit contains a sampling pump and hose, so that samples of the confined space can be taken prior to entry. Both kits contain the Industrial Scientific Ventis MX4 four-gas detector, configured to detect LEL, CO, H2S and O2.

The all-in-one kits contain…

  • Ventis MX4 4-gas gas detector (either diffusion or pump model)
  • Gas sampling hose (confined space kit only)
  • 34 litre bottle of calibration gas
  • Gas regulator, hose and calibration cup to allow bump testing and calibration of the detector
  • Battery charger
  • Carry case
Confined space gas detector kit

Ventis MX4 confined space gas detector all-in-one kit

Introductory pricing for all-in-one kits

For orders received by 8 December 2017, we can provide the following introductory pricing for these kits…

  • Entec portable gas detector kit – standard (PKS)
    Normal price $1,620. Special price $1,450
  • Entec portable gas detector kit – confined space (PKC)
    Normal price $2,174. Special price $1,999

Prices exclude GST and local courier delivery. The kits will be shipped with a current calibration certificate for the Ventis MX4. Entec can provide on-going calibrations (recommended on a 6-monthly cycle) and replenishment calibration gas cylinders as required.


Click here to email your order details or questions to the gas detection team at Entec, or phone (06) 758-3030 ext 2 to talk to a gas detection expert.




  1. George Horvath says


    I’d like a gas detector that is also a wrist watch. I think that if such a device were available, it would solve all of the practical problems concerning their deployment to where they are needed, as well as providing routine good value through supporting a host of other functionality. These days, the ability to link devices worn on the wrist to the ubiquitous smart phone via blue tooth, would also be available to provide monitoring, so that a gas hazard alarm could automatically alert not just the coal-face operative, but also supervisors, rescue personnel, and/or H&S personnel. The smart phone’s GPS function could also be triggered under the right set of criteria, allowing rapid location of someone who has been incapacitated.

    It seems to me that the main problem with gas detectors is that people who would really benefit, omit to take them with them (they are seen as being a superfluous nuisance most of the time and are often ignored even when they are on hand.) A GD worn on the wrist, telling the time, but automatically sniffing the air at intervals, would solve 99% of the problem and save the lives in just the circumstances in which we know, they are most often lost.

    Maybe, such a device already exists. If so, I would certainly like to fin out about it.