How to wirelessly connect gas detectors to form a local network

With Industrial Scientific’s new LENS Wireless connectivity, gas detectors are wirelessly connected to form a local network for the ultimate in protection.

LENS wireless links gas detectors for form a local networkPortable gas detectors and area gas detectors alert you to a detected gas hazard with an audible and visual alarm. Anyone within the immediate vicinity is thereby alerted and a chain of responses can then be put in place. These responses might include…

  • investigate
  • evacuate
  • notify others

But what if you could reduce exposure further by taking user protection up a whole new level? 

Industrial Scientific brings you a real game-changer in gas protection

With its newest generation of portable and area gas detectors, Industrial Scientific introduces LENSTM Wireless connectivity.

Significant benefits of LENSTM Wireless connectivity

Multiple detectors are wirelessly connected, with no setup or configuration required. This provides the ultimate in protection with significant benefits…

  • All users that are connected are notified of any alarms, from anywhere across the connected team.
  • Users are also notified of the nature of the hazard (e.g. low O2, high H2S) so that responding users are better informed. This allows for a more effective and safe response.
  • When used in conjunction with iAssignTM tags, detectors are matched to personnel and to locations, which means responders know (a) who’s detector is in alarm, and (b) where it is located.

LENSTM Wireless connectivity now available in these models…

  • Ventis Pro series of portable gas detectors, in either 4-gas or 5-gas configuration.
  • Radius BZ1 area gas detector.

This means that all deployed instruments – whether portable or area based – are connected as a local network to provide the next level of safety to people and plant.

See it in action now…

Check out this 2-minute video clip for an overview of how LENSTM Wireless can be used to improve safety on your site…

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