Uniphos Gas Detection Tubes Now Available from Entec

Uniphos gas detection tubes

We’re delighted to launch a new product in New Zealand to help you keep your workplace safe and compliant… gas detection tubes from Uniphos.

Gas detection tubes are a fast and cost-effective way to sample an environment to detect the presence of a specific toxic or flammable gas.

The range of Uniphos gas detection tubes covers more than 200 varieties of tubes, allowing the detection of around 500 different target gases.

Uniphos manufactures tubes of both the thin and thick varieties, making them completely interchangeable with other tubes and hand pumps available from all major manufacturers.

Entec carries a local stock of the most popularly demanded detector tubes, and our objective is to deliver the best service and price in the New Zealand market.

Uniphos offers a full range of gas detection tubes to be interchangeable with those offered by other manufacturers. Our tubes come in both thin (Drager) and thick (Rae, Kitigawa, Gastec) versions.

Uniphos sampling pump and gas detection tubes

How do Uniphos gas detection tubes work?

Gas detection tubes require two basic components…

  • a tube (typically supplied in packs of 10), and
  • a sampling pump.

The pump is very simple to operate. With a new tube inserted into the pump, a sample of the atmosphere being tested is drawn into the tube under vacuum. A reaction inside the tube occurs, producing a coloured mark. The coloured mark is then compared against a scale to determine the concentration of the target gas within the sampled atmosphere. The tube is then disposed of.

Uniphos gas detection tubes

Which target gases can be detected?

With around 500 target gases available, there are literally too many to list. The most common gases are…

  • Water Vapour
  • Methyl Mercaptan
  • Ethyl Mercaptan
  • H2S
  • CO2
  • Ammonia
  • Phosphine Dositube
  • CO2 Dositube

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