iNet Control takes gas detection management into the cloud

iNet Control

iNet Control is a cloud management system for your portable gas detector fleet. Industrial Scientific designed it to be powerful, painless & cost-effective.

Industrial Scientific’s mission is: “Preserving human life on, above and below the earth”.

But selling the world’s best gas detection systems is pointless if people don’t use them correctly. It was this realisation that gave birth to iNet.

This brief (1:40) clip shows the key benefits…

Using iNet Control

Using iNet is easy… just dock your Industrial Scientific portable gas detector. That’s it. The internet-connected docking station uploads data to the iNet system in the cloud. It all happens automatically without any input from users.

iNet Control tabulates the data and presents it back to you in a simple and clear dashboard. All you need to manage your gas detection programme is a mobile browser or computer.


Customising reports is easy. You can also drill down to investigate trends or the source of any non-conformances.

Non-conformance reports include…

  • Gas detectors used without a prior bump test or recent calibration.
  • Users exposed to unsafe levels of gas for prolonged periods.
  • Gas detectors turned off while in alarm.

Here’s what to do next…

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Concerned about the safety and compliance of your gas detection programme? Contact us to find out how iNet Control can give you greater comfort and more assurance.