Benzene Exposure – How to Detect it & Basics of Benzene Seminar

Executive Summary

  • Benzene exposure is associated with cancer, aplastic anaemia, and more.
  • Detecting benzene exposure is complex, but has been mastered by Ion Science.
  • Entec sells Ion Science PID gas detectors for benzene, VOC & TAC in New Zealand.
  • Ion Science and Entec invite you to The Basics of Benzene seminar in New Plymouth on Wednesday 28 February.
  • Click here to send an enquiry to Entec to receive more details on this seminar.

Ion Science Titan benzene exposure monitoring

Reducing benzene exposure

There is increasing awareness amongst occupational health and H&S professionals of the risks associated with exposure to benzene.

Benzene is commonly found in refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, foundries and fuel storage sites, and can also be found in ambient air as a result of combusted fuels.

The detection of benzene is a complex matter, but has been mastered by Ion Science, a British manufacturer that specialises in photoionization detection (PID).

What products contain benzene?

Benzene is highly flammable. It occurs naturally in…

  • crude oil
  • natural gas
  • and some ground waters

It can also be produced as a by-product of combustion of fuels such as…

  • coal
  • oil
  • petrol
  • wood

It is also common in unleaded fuel and cigarette smoke.

WHO says benzene exposure is associated with cancer

The World Health Organisation states: “Human exposure to benzene has been associated with a range of acute and long-term adverse health effects and diseases, including cancer and aplastic anaemia. Public health actions are needed to reduce the exposure of both workers and the general population to benzene.”

Ion Science Tiger PID device for detecting benzene exposure

Ion Science is represented in New Zealand by Entec, a New Zealand owned and focused company that specialises in portable and fixed-point gas detection technologies.

Entec has sold a large volume of Ion Science Cub PID gas detectors and Ion Science Tiger PID gas detectors for a range of applications.

Entec’s gas detector calibration, repair & service laboratory is able to provide full service to the Ion Science range of PID gas detectors, with its well-reputed rapid turnaround times.

The Basics of Benzene seminar

Entec and Ion Science are presenting a short seminar on the topic, “The Basics of Benzene” in New Plymouth on Wednesday 28 February. Click here to send an enquiry to Entec to receive more details on this seminar.

If you are unable to attend this seminar but want to find out more, please contact Entec so that a gas detection expert can make an appointment to come and discuss your requirements.